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Since 2003

Plastic packaging is a serious problem of the earth's pollution, and environmental consciousness is growing strongly.  Syncmen was established in Taichung, Taiwan 2003. We’re devoted ourselves to a professional paper bag manufacturer and develop whole range of paper-relevancy packaging to replace high-polluted plastic packaging. Also, we got FSC certificate in 2011.
By way of integrating OEM chains and strict quality control, our products are sold to The United States, Europe, Oceania, and so on.
Syncmen is aimed at continuously promoting new eco-friendly packaging and renew an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Customers are satisfied with excellent service, high efficiency, and consistent quality, and these are our the biggest competitiveness advantage!


Export Products

Our main export products include:

.Bags - Twisted handle paper carriers, Rope handle paper carriers, Ribbon handle paper carriers, Die cut handle paper carriers, Specialty- Shaped paper carriers, Press pattern paper bags.

.Boxes - Display boxes, Folding boxes, Rigid boxes, Corrugated paper boxes.

.Stone paper - Stone paper bags, Envelope

.RPET fabric - Year 2018. The circular economy is popular all over the world. Syncmen introduced RPET fabrics and remake those into different reusable packaging by using recycled PET bottles along with our effort for global environmental protection.

Excellent Service

To best serve our customers, Syncmen has always based its values on: excellent service, high efficiency, consistent quality, competitive pricing and punctual delivery. That's why we work so hard; On such a foundation of mutual benefits, we wish to maintain good and long term business relationships with all our customers and also establish good and strong relationships with our new customers.

Syncmen Video

Syncmen Enterprise Corporation was established in Taiwan 2003.
We are a young and vital group.
We are always glad to find more effective and environmentally friendly products in order to promote a clearer environment on Earth.
We export all types of paper bags and paper boxes packaging.