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Since 2003
With over 18 years of experience in the packaging industry, we are experts in producing paper tote bags and have developed a full range of paper-related packaging to replace highly polluting plastic packaging. Due to the excellent all-round service and high quality, our customers are long-lasting and wide - the United States, Europe, Oceania, etc. In 2011, we obtained FSC certification (license code: FSC-C106353™). In 2018, because of ESG, we invested time in a sustainable product - RPET bags (100% recycled plastic bottles). Currently, we invest a lot of time and effort in new locations and automated machines to provide competitive products in the shortest possible time.
In recent years, due to the increasingly serious pollution problem of the earth, it has raised an important environmental protection issue. Circle economy and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) have become the trend of globalization. In response to ESG, we launched RPET bags made from recycled PET bottles. To pay attention to sustainable development, paper tote bags and RPET bags are the best choices for green and environmental protection!

export product
Our main export products include:
Bags - twisted handle paper carrier, rope handle paper carrier, handle paper carrier, die cut handle paper carrier, special shape paper carrier, embossed pattern paper bag.
.Boxes - Display boxes, folding boxes, rigid boxes, corrugated boxes.
.RPET Structure - 2018. The circle economy is very popular around the world. Syncmen introduced RPET fabric and used recycled PET bottles to re-make it into different reusable packaging, while contributing to global environmental protection efforts.
Excellent service
In order to better serve our customers, Syncmen has always been based on the following values: excellent service, high efficiency, consistent quality, competitive prices and on-time delivery. That's why we work so hard; on the basis of mutual benefit, we hope to maintain good and long-term business relationships with all our customers, and build good and strong relationships with our new customers.