zinc oxide cloth mask


material: 94% cotton, 6% Lyocell(smartcel sensitive fiber)
color: stock pink / blue (random colors for ear loops)
flat size: 17 x 9 cm (+/- 5%, exclude ear loops)
less than 10,000pcs in stock

The mask is made of 94% cotton, 6% Lyocell(smartcel sensitive fiber).
smartcel™ sensitive is an innovative fiber based on natural cellulose, which includes the essential trace element zinc. It's skin friendly thanks to zinc oxide's soothing and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Due to the patented manufacturing process, the zinc in smartcel™ sensitive is preserved and permanently embedded into the fiber, even after multiple washing cycles.
Despite Zinc oxide cloth mask can't block virus as medical mask, but it is antibacterial mask and definitely a prevention of contacting respiratory droplets directly.
More information about smartcel™ sensitive: https://www.smartfiber.de/en/fibers/smartceltm-sensitive/


  • reusable
  • washable
  • skin friendly
  • antibacterial