Plastic& marine pollution, cut usage& recycling

Mar. 5, 2021
Plastic & marine pollution
Citing figure from The Society of Wilderness (SOW), statistics of beach cleanup show 90% ocean waste are plastics, and a huge amount of them are PET bottles and plastic bags.  Millions of tons of plastic enter the ocean annually. If we keep producing plastics, plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish in 2050.  Some is eaten by marine animals that mistake it for food.  Plastics pollute rivers and food chains, and it becomes an important issue for human health and environment.
recycle plastic bagsthank you paper carrier bag
To cut usage of plastic bags, eco-friendly products are more popular with consumers.  Paper carrier bags can go into recycling system entirely, and reusable shopping bags are also good choices.  To respond to environment, Syncmen launch PRET bags which made of 100% recycled PET bottles. Welcome to join us!→