Printing inks introduction

Dec. 4, 2020
Several key elements go into developing beautiful and durable paper carrier bags.
1. Paper: white kraft papers, brown kraft papers, art papers, FSC papers, recycled papers
2. Printing: 
 type: screen printing, offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing
color: single-color printing( spot color), graduated fill printing (a halftone produced with a dot percentage of less than 100%. ),multicolor printing
3. Adhesive: hot glue, resin
4. Handle: polyester ropes, twisted paper, ribbons
In addition to paper material, a luxurious and elegant paper carrier bag depends on printing process.  However, traditional solvent inks have higher volatile organic compound content and they are harmful to the environment.
Cobalt-free inks
Syncmenbag is devoted to eco-friendly products, and our inks are vegetable-oil-based inks which made in Germany- Huber INK group.  Cobalt-free inks are eco-friendly which passed REACH SVHC inspection by SGS certification.
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