The Expansion Of Recycled Plastic(rPET) To Many Brands

Oct. 29, 2020
It is only few minutes while taking a bottle of drink. However, do you have any idea about how long it takes plastic bottles to naturally decompose? The answer is at least 450 years!
Plastic bottle abuse and recycling became a serious global issue.  A million plastic bottles are produced around the world every minute.  Moreover, plastic bottles aren't recycled at all, and those that do get recycled usually aren't turned into other bottles or recycled again after that. Despite plastic bottles are actually recycled again, beverage brands refuse to use rPET as material.( sourced from Apple Daily)
Citing figures from consumer market research company Euromonitor International, The Guardian reported that more than 480 billion of beverage plastic bottles were sold last year alone. The 2018 annual figure is up more than 180 billion since 2008.  These figures will bump up 583.3 billion bottles by 2021. According to an estimate, 480 billon plastic bottles were purchased globally in 2018 but less than half gets recycled and only 7% of them to be reuse. Meaning most of this waste ends up in our oceans and landfills.   Up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will end up in the ocean as plastic pollution each year.  If we keep producing plastics, plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish in 2050.

In the light of plastic pollution, many brands start to apply rPET fabrics which are reuse of recycled beverage plastic bottles to their products. Syncmenbag is devoted to 100% rPET bags rather than mixed RPET bags.  Meaning, Syncmenbag not only promote 100% reusable rPET bags, but also have a duty to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
★Anya Hindmarch launched” I Am A Plastic Bag” which is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) plastic.
★Timberland ReBOTL™ has at least 40% rPET.
★Converse Renew series are made from 100% rPET.
★Adidas set a goal to completely eliminate virgin plastic use by 2024. Adidas shoes are made out of ocean waste, and a pair of shoe is equivalent to eleven plastic bottles.

beautiful recycled plastic(rPET)Syncmen - Expansion Of Recycled Plastic(rPET)